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Our Story

Welcome to Glow Collection: Over 20 Years of Fabulous Fragrance Excellence in Australia

Welcome! We're thrilled to have you here.

For over two incredible decades, our company has had an incredible effect on home fragrance lovers across Australia. We started as a division of PartyLite Gifts Inc., the renowned global candle and home fragrance giant. As PartyLite Australia, over 21 years, we attracted a passionate community of over 2,500 fragrance lovers from every corner of the country. Together, we shared a common goal: to enrich Australian households through the captivating power of fragrance. Our community didn't just buy our products; they became ambassadors, introducing the extraordinary PartyLite range to their social circles. In no time, hundreds of thousands of Australians were purchasing what we proudly call the "world's brightest and best candles made with the finest ingredients." Today, we're honoured to continue to maintain a unique connection with a customer base who wholeheartedly embrace our products with unwavering passion.

A New Year, A New Name, An Exciting Future

In 2023, a new chapter began as PartyLite Australia transitioned to Glow Collection. This change not only reflects our esteemed heritage but also paves the way for locally produced fragrance products in addition to an ever expanding modern PartyLite range. Now, the Glow product range comprises four exceptional collections:

PartyLite Collection: 

Imported from the USA and renowned for its exceptional offerings the PartyLite Collection includes their world famous 3-Wicks, Tealights, SmartScent Sticks, and Wax Melts. Each available in a vast array of extraordinary fragrances to cater to any fragrance preference, be it fruity, indulgent, fresh, floral, or exotic.

Elements Collection:

Released in February 2023, this collection features an assortment of 30 distinctive hand poured fragrances that were inspired based on feedback from our cherished customers and valued affiliates/resellers. Proudly crafted in Perth Western Australia featuring high quality essential oils blended with Natural Soy wax.

Australiana Collection:

We are excited to announce the arrival of our Australiana range, proudly crafted in Victoria Australia, featuring 20 new fragrances that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Australia, representing the unique scents of our iconic beaches, native bush, Aussie food, and fine wines.

Opulence Collection:

With a release date still under wraps, Opulence by Glow Collection is an embodiment of unparalleled luxury. Crafted in Victoria Australia from the finest ingredients and inspired by the world's leading fragrance houses. This Collection captivates with an air of pure decadence and exotic fragrances. Featuring six luxe scented candles, the exquisite Opulence Collection will be the talk of the town and guaranteed to lift the vibe in any space.

Together, these four Collections present an extensive selection of exceptional fragrances that are of the utmost quality, at an affordable price.

Empowerment, Well-being, and Community: Our Core Values

At the heart of our brand are four core values: Enhance, Empower, Elevate, and Enrich.

  • Through Enhance, we endeavour to improve the lives of our customers through the power of  fragrance.

  • Empower forms a central pillar of our mission, as we foster a network of 2,500 dedicated resellers and affiliates who passionately promote and sell our diverse range of products through their own extensive social media networks, face to face distribution at market stalls and pop-up shops in retail centres across Australia.

  • Our commitment to Elevate extends beyond enhancing our customers' well-being through fragrances that uplift their spirits; we also seek to elevate the lives of our team of 2,500 like-minded fragrance lovers, empowering them to build confidence, form friendships, and become integral members of our close-knit community.

  • With Enrich, our community of 2500 resellers and affiliates join forces to create Glow Hour, a movement that brings together like-minded individuals who recognize the power of dedicating regular time to self-reflection, thereby improving their mental health and overall well-being.

Elevate Your Home with Glow Collection

With such an extraordinary tapestry of history, fragrances and personal dedication of our affiliates/resellers, we thank you for choosing Glow Collection and we look forward to helping you set the mood and even evoke cherished memories in your space through the extraordinary power of fragrance.