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Soldier Bikkie - Coconut and Vanilla Scented Soy Paraffin Candle 40hr Burn

Introducing our Soldier Bikkie 220g paraffin-soy blend scented jar candle, a tribute to the storied history of the iconic Anzac biscuit. The scent tells a tale of toasted coconut, caramelised sweetness, and the comforting embrace of buttery warmth. This remarkable candle encapsulates the essence of resilience and endurance, drawing inspiration from the cherished ingredients that have defined this beloved treat. Each bite was a testament to simplicity and sustenance, with basic ingredients carefully blended to create a humble yet enduring symbol. Discover a syrupy aromatic sensation when you light this Soldier Bikkie candle and let the tantalising fragrances fill your space, kindling a sense of appreciation for the enduring legacy of this cherished treat.


Burn Time 40+ Hours
Personality Indulgent
Top Note Coconut, Almond
Middle Note Fruity, Buttery, Creamy
Bottom Note Caramel, Sandalwood, Roasted Vanilla
Made in Australia
SKU CM1088
Dimensions: 90mm x 77mm
Weight 220g
Material:  Glass jar, Soy Paraffin Wax
Colour: White
Form 1-wick Jar